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Monday, April 27, 2009

For the first time...Could it be a History?

Wow, this is my first article written in English (Maglish..?). Truly, its not my idea. I am just rewrite it to share with you all. This topic is one from a lot of topics that we have learned in Dr. Piakong's lecture. Personally, i tought he is quite good in teaching 'Morality of Science' and ohters concerning about human habits and psychology. (Truly was, i planned to take Minor in Psychology package..)

Then, it make me to enjoy and entertained his lectures. With him, i never set my mind to escape his classes. I am just 'escaped' a little bit of his lecture times.  

Skip that a moment. I will share more of my experienced within 3-years Bachelor Science study here in UMS. 

Pray me a success to write it all in English. I also want to strengthen my level in this Bahasa. Ok, lets enjoy what i have for the first time..Ha2. :;p:


Have you ever organized any event? O attended any event? What do you observe? Usually, after an event what is being let behind is rubbish, rubbish anywhere. This rubbish has to be collected and carted away.

To overcome this wasteful practice of "throw first; collect later", Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK) has developed a step by step LiFE Manual. LiFE is the acronym for Litter Free Event.


To be successful, we need the following:

1. Put up sufficient rubbish bins everywhere at the event venue.

2. Hang up the LiFE banners.

3. Employ sufficient number of LiFE guards. These are properly briefed personnel wearing LiFE jackets whose responsibility is to tell of any one caught littering at the event venue. 


To be successful, people need to be reminded. This is the world of the event announcer (Master of Ceremony). Throughout the event, the M.C need to make the following announcements from time to time:

1. This is a litter free event.

2. Please do not throw rubbish indiscriminately.

3. You will see around you, there are rubbish bin.

4. Please identify the bins nearest to you.

5. Throw your rubbish into the bins.

6. Among you there are LiFE guards. They are all around you. They will tell you off when you throw rubbish.

7. Please do not be angry if you are being told off, as you have been warned.

8. The LiFE guards may even blow their whistles to attract people's attention when you throw rubbish.

9. They may even fine you

10. Do not regret it if you are being fined, you have been warned.

11. If there are City Friends members here today/tonight, please advise those around you not to litter, and if you see anyone littering, please tell them off. 

There may be some clever (?) people who argue that LiFE only refers to non littering in an event venue or during an event. That means they can litter outside the event venue or after the venue. 

The answer is no. For ultimately LiFE not only means Litter Free Event, but also means Litter Free Everywhere, Litter Free Everyday, Litter Free Everyone. Therefore, CHOOSE LiFE..!

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