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Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, but not the end..

Alhamdulillah, Thanks God..

Finally, my Final Year Project (Thesis) is 'done'. 'Done' means, i got the signs. You know, it was not easy for this particular of time. Why? I were late to submit the correction. Why late? Keep it secret.. ;p

Tomorrow, i will go to bind my thesis. RM25 for each book at Kedai Megajaya in KingFisher area. Before this, i planned to bind it for 5 sets. 3 for University, 1 for my own, and 1 more is for BKNS.

Then, it cost RM25 x 5 = RM125. Wauw, uhu3. Its quite expensive. My 'paper of money' is running low now. I re-think. Then, i got the better way. I laughed to myself. Why not i thought that idea before?

I will share it later. Perhaps, in next post.

Back to line, a super-big-smile gifted to myself firstly (of course lah), my Supervisor (Cik Kamsia Budin) and my Examiner (Cik Farrah Anis Fazliatul Adnan), and no-to-forget to all my friends (especially Mohd Helmi Mohd Akhair xp) who spent their great times, ideas, and helps for me during the 'worst' time.

At the moment (while writing this post), my head stucked. I do not know how good to start story all experiences while finishing this task. Too many of stories to tell about. Joyful, low (unhappy), and many types of experiences and feelings.

Oh pause this for a while. I need to go now to print my sets of thesis, before i do packing of my belongings.

Until then, see you all again..

Have a nice day.


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