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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letter: Hear the voices (1)

Changing school uniform to grey will be ideal

Dr. Zorina Khalid

Hospital Director
Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan

With our government pledging Green Technology, I suggest that our children's uniform be changed from white to grey, i.e. the shirt, blouse, baju kurung, tudung or head cover and also the socks.

Why grey, you may ask? Grey, so that parents, and mainly mothers and domestic workers do not have to use too much detergent or whitening agents to clean the white coloured school items.

They also do not have to expand too much energy and time to scrub them white, as my late mother did.

I know some may argue that grey coloured uniforms will absorb more heat and make the children hotter. I believe the heat absorbed, if any, is negligible and the children will not notice it.

My daughter is a perfect in school and wears a blue and purple baju kurung, including her head cover, and I have not heard her complain. In fact, she wears black shoes as part of the perfect's uniform and she does not need to scrub her shoes so much.

I hope my idea and suggestion catches on so that households with school-going children will not need to use too much detergent, whitening agents, water and energy to keep the uniforms spanking white.

This environment-friendly initiative will reduce water consumption, detergent and whitening agents usage that pollute our waterways.

This can be slowly implemented early next year to all children entering Standard One and Form One, and parents are given the choice to purchase grey uniforms when their children needs a new set of uniforms.

There sould be no force in making the change, as we do not want families to have more hardship in purchasing new items. The change should be gradual.

To the Minister of Education, please be brave to introduce this change for the environmental benefit of the people, nation and the world.

Daily Express, Sunday 27/12/09

MSS: I guess this one is creative-type ideas, is not it? Well, as an environmentalist, I do SUPPORT this suggestion. In fact, most of the wastewater is resulted from the cleaning-purpose activities.

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