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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Etika rangkaian sosial

Social Network Etiquette

01. Public
Make sure that you do not share everything in the website because it may open to public.

02. Term and Condition apply
If you use the social network even as Anonymous, you will certainly be tracked in internet. You also have to commit indirect with any approval agreement while sign up.

03. Not all are true or truthful
You need to know that not everything inside the internet are true or truthful. Maybe the user use another picture of somebody else for him / her profile and the shown info are spurious. Remember that anything is like possible in internet.

04. Screen yourself
Make sure that your words are not labeled as public nuisance, hassle, threat, or defamation and please do not show your anger direct to the targets or subjects. Berkiaslah jika perlu!

05. Not everyone have to know
You should not fill everything in the web. Make sure that your info are either suit for the public or not. If the info are private or personal, it should not be revealed then. If the info are sensitive, make sure it would not be shown up.

06. Separate
If you have a lot of friends, you can create or open another private website and separate the contents than your profession or work / workplace website. Do not upload [share, show, or others which it may concern] your workplace stuffs in your personal website.

Ref: Majalah PC, #160 [April 2010]

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