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Monday, June 16, 2014


Photo courtesy : SCA

The 4th round/circuit of Sabah Chess Grand Prix 2014 is going to be held on June 21-22 this week at Mile 7, Sandakan Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Sabah.

This tournament is organized by Sandakan Chess Club (SCC) in collaboration with Sabah Chess Association (SCA) and Ministry of Youth and Sport (KBS)

Format : 7 rounds Swiss system

Time Control : 45 minutes

Category : Open | U18 B&G | U15 B&G | U12 B&G

The Tentative

The Prize. Cash Money + Medal + Certificate

Source and photo courtesy : SCC and SCA

This 1st edition of Sabah Chess Grand Prix has been launched January this year and consist 6 circuits Swiss System where all points collected from the circuits will be accumulated. The top 30 (accumulated points) players will be qualified for Sabah Chess Grand Prix Final (Grand Finale) 2014 this December.

1st Circuit : 1st Kota Marudu Open Chess Tournament [NEWS]

2nd Circuit : In conjunction with SCA 25th Annual General Meeting [NEWS]

3rd: 2nd Beaufort Open Chess Tournament [NEWS]

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